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Is your business ready for an IRS Audit? 


We Are!

If your business receives an Audit Notice from the IRS, don’t panic.


We can Help! 

We help businesses eliminate or reduce their IRS tax debt.


Make your first call to us because you have the right to representation by an authorized representative, i.e. a CPA and an attorney.


You can authorize us to defend you and contact the IRS on your behalf. 


Our team of CPAs are well versed with accounting,  and our CPAs and affiliated attorneys have experience representing individuals and business owners during IRS tax audits and before the U.S. Tax Court.

  • IRS ​Tax Audit Defense

  • Business Accounting

  • Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

  • Business Advisory / CFO Services

  • Business Tax Returns

  • Business Tax Planning

  • Estate Tax Planning

  • Real Estate Consulting


JANUARY 3, 2023

GAC gets client's $79,000 tax debt reduced to $15,000 with GAAP business accounting and 3 years of filed tax returns.  

JANUARY 3, 2023

GAC gets client Employee Retention Credit refund of $21,000 per employee for 2021 tax year.


JANUARY 3, 2023

Information you need to know

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